Do you have a place where you just love to come back every year, place where you feel home, relaxed and looking forward to go every time? So where are you going to spend your holidays this year ?


Isn’t it everyone’s question before holidays start? Where should we go this time?

New place ? Or shall we just go back to where we love it?

My summer holidays can’t exist without having few weeks in this breath taking island Sardinia. Have you ever been here? I highly recommend visiting ! Do you love good food, clear beach, great ice cream and memories you won’t forget. Wait no more and come and see for yourself.

What do you like to do on your holidays ?


I love doing nothing! Life in the big city is very busy with work and travelling. You spend most of your day away from home. When I get the chance to be on holidays I like to just relax.

Start the day with light fruit breakfast (to keep the figure) going to the beach and just lying  and sunbathing, going for swim, read a book, spent time with my friends and family and finish the day with delicious family dinner and walk on beach with Italian famous ice cream. Isn’t it a dream day ?

I guess for me is very important to have family and friends around while on holidays. We sadly have no time to see each other during the year, everyone is busy with work and there is no time to see each other. Spending holidays together is so fun and it stays in your memories forever.

Sardinia 2019

Tell me about your holidays and recommendations for my next holiday.