Top 10 TV shows I recently saw

Are you home, bored and you no longer know what to do? Do you like watching movies and TV shows? So let me tell you, me too! So let’s start with some shows which will keep you busy for a while. I have mix of comedy, drama and sci-fi. If you are subscribed to NETFLIX, good for you! You can find all of them on there.

  1. The good place

This epic comedy episodes are the best for rainy days. It’s American, fantasy comedy show in which will be explain what will happen after the life and what it means to be GOOD. It has very original humour on things. It was one of the best innovative TV shows I saw in a while. You want to see something unexpected? Check it out!

2. Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer is an American post apocalyptic thriller. This show is placed in apocalyptic world where everything froze to death and the only people who are alive are people on this train. Passengers of the train are separated in to the different class from rich to poor. The story shows their everyday struggles, love and war for survival. If you looking for something more tense, this is something for you.


Drugs, money and guns! Do you like dark movies and TV shows about smuggling and selling drugs? Look at this one. Ozark will take you on journey of person who wanted to make some extra money in investing. Unfortunately he wasn’t aware he is getting involve with drug empire. It’s story about father and his family and the way it changed their lives and how they cope with each situation. Definitely good one!

4. How to get away with Murder

Are you a curious person? Do you like mysteries? Watch this! In this drama series Annalise Keating the professor of law will take you through her cases and you will try to figure out who is the killer. There is a lot of surprises and unbelievable turns of events. With her group of students she will show you case by case how even guilty clients get get away with it! Are you intrigued? See for yourself.

5. The queen’s gambit

This chess lover girl came from nothing. Her story starts when her mother dies in car accident and she ends up in an orphanage house, where she learns how to play chess thanks to superintendent who secretly teaches her how to play in basement. This young prodigy will show unbelievable talent and take you through her journey of struggle and alcohol and substances. Very inspiring movie!

6. Money heist

La casa de papel. This Spanish drama TV show will take you in to the well planned bank robbery. The professor, who is in charge of the hole plan chooses 8 people to collaborate with him. Nobody knows each other names, all is secret. The professors is very intelligent men who have plan B and C in case of something goes down. Follow his steps in this intriguing TV show. His tricks and secret plans will blow your mind.

7. Emily in Paris

Did you like gossip girl? You will definitely like this one! Emily tells us story how she moved to Paris for her job. She is tasked with bringing an American point of view to a venerable French marketing firm. You will see her side of getting used to french culture and her struggles to get around. Are you ready for some romance and laughter? Press PLAY!

8. Bridgeton

The story is based in 1813 in London. This show will take you back in time, you will see all the social gatherings and rules of high and middle class at that time. The story shows the journey of young girl who needs to get married because she came of age. You will see her struggles and society pressure for girls at that time.

9. Dark

Dark reminds me in some ways the “Stranger things”. With this german science fiction tv show you will travel through different times and lives. You will understand how every life is connected in unexpected situations. Every episode will keep you stunned with the complicated events of past, present and future. If you are easy to get scare like me don’t recommend to watch before you go to sleep (but I’m very easy to get scared!). 🙂

10. Unorthodox

This TV series was something I always wondered. Me growing up in christian family in small city and coming to London, you see many different religions and life sacrifices. Unorthodox open my eyes to see how is it to live unorthodox life. How life can be difficult and how much I didn’t understand them until now. It really touched me seeing this! The story is about a young girl going through life and following all the steps her religion dictates. But eventually she realised she is unhappy! Follow her life story in 4 episodes. Hopefully it will open your eyes too and you can see and realise your life is actually really good and easy compare with others. 

And one BONUS TV show at the end, I have started watching this last week and I’m all IN! Unfortunately not from Netflix.

11. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Do you live comedy and sarcasm? Come and see this hilarious lady! Mrs. Maisel is from Jewish family living in New York in Upper West Side in 1958. She was living the perfect dream live married to amazing husband, 2 kids, great life style, what more to wish for. Until one day her husband told her he is leaving her. Everything changed and she discovered her secret talent. Comedy! Watch with me her way though life. A lot of laughter, love story and some heart breaks too. So far I’m hooked! Have you seen it? No?! So what are you waiting for? You can find this TV show on Amazon prime.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these TV shows? Can you recommend any of your favourite ones to me?

Thank you for hanging out with me and talk to you soon! 🙂

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