What’s in my bag?

What would be the 3 main things you can’t leave the house without?


  1. phone
  2. keys
  3. airpods

Those are my my bare minimum items, I can’t leave my house without.

Depends on size of my bag that day I would take more or less with me.

When I have to go to work and travel through London, my necessity is to have something to read or listen to. Another must have is hand gel, hand cream and lip balm.

On most days I would carry my reusable water bottle and as for usual London weather I never forget umbrella.

If you are thinking of buying some luxury pice to start your collection and you want to invest your money the right way, I think I found the most useful SLG in world, it is this beautiful key pouch from Louis Vuitton. I had have this pouch of over 2 years, and I carry this with me every day and the quality is amazing. You wouldn’t notice any scratch, it still looks brand new.

This pouch is so versatile, I do use it like my purse most days it’s very practical.

I have been gifted this beautiful purse as Christmas present, but to be completely honest with you I don’t use it as often. Living in London, I got use to not carrying cash with me and carry just my essential cards. It’s still great piece in my collection and I will never re sell it. I do use it when we go on holidays and I know I’ll have cash on me.

If you are interested, like my pouch it comes in few different finishes and you can personalised all LV SLG’s.

I do carry with me my Michael Kors card holder on most days, but I need to upgrade soon. Unfortunately sides are pieling off and it’s over all apperence is not attractive anymore. I use it for my travel card and point cards. I do use it as much as my LV pouch but it’s not the same quality as LV unfortunately.

Card holders I thinking of purchasing at the moment are these.

I hope my post was somehow useful if you are thinking in making new purchase, I do like to invest my money in good quality products, which will last for years!

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