First designer handbag

What are your obsession in life? Do you like to spend your money on expensive shoes, clothes, cars or cosmetic? Maybe you like to go to restaurant have a nice diner or you like spend money on games, books, trips, electronics.

There is many ways how every one of us trying to spoil or make ourself feel special. I don’t think is a bad thing, if it makes you feel good do what every makes you happy as long you can afford it!

My obsession has always been designer handbags.

I still remember buying my first bag. It was such a special moment in my life. At that time I got promoted and it was my birthday and I was able to afford my first bag.

3 years ago my first designer shopping

As someone who is not rich and deciding what bag to invest in is not an easy thing. You are giving away quite a lot money and you want to make the right choice. Are you going to like it for years and years to come? Is it a good investment? Am I doing mistake? I guess everyone goes through this when making important decision.

Luckily my decision was right. I invested my money in this beautiful LV (NEVERFULL MM) handbag.


I can not say anything bad about this beautiful handbag, it’s been 3 years from the time I got it and the handbag didn’t loose shape, didn’t break and still looks brand new. It’s amazing quality product. On the top of that I received amazing customer service in store and when I opened my handbag at home. The customer advisor added hand-written happy birthday card. They couldn’t make this day more special.

To don’t confuse you my full name is Ludmila 🙂

Over the pas 3 years I was blessed to afford few more handbags. But about that next time !

What is on my wish list now you ask?

At the moment I own 4 beautiful handbags, very easy to wear for any occasion. I love classic handbags which will stay in style for long time and quality of them will last you a long time.

But I also have handbags I wish I would own.

Check out my Pinterest page for more handbags inspiration.

Let me know what handbag are you interested in, to inspire me for my next purchase.

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